Series 10606A Zip Close Vinyl Envelopes With Adhesive Backing

Zip close vinyl envelopes with adhesive backing have a reclosable press seal zipper and are optically clear for easy visibility of contents. Made of durable vinyl .006 that adheres permanently to any flat, clean surface.

Ideal for displaying:

  • Maintenance Records
  • Instructions
  • Important Information
  • Warnings
Envelope sizes are measured using inside dimensions (ID).

Common Sizes Custom Sizes Available

Series No. Size
10606A-34 3″ x 4″ ID
10606A-46 4″ x 6″ ID
10606A-57 5″ x 7″ ID
10606A-58 5″ x 8″ ID
10606A-68 6″ x 8″ ID
10606A-810 8″ x 10″ ID
10606A-912 9-1/4″ x 12″ ID
10606A-1215 12″ x 15″ ID

Available Options

Item Options
Accessories Printing
Metal Slider
Front Pocket

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