Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise specified, all purchase orders place by, or on behalf of, Armand Manufacturing, Inc. are given and accepted subject to the following TERMS and CONDITIONS

Any excess charges caused by the deviation from our shipping instructions will be charged to Shipper.

In accepting the order, vendor guarantees goods against defect in material or workmanship and further agrees to indemnify Armand Manufacturing, Inc. and its customers against all suits for trademark infringement brought about by the sale or use of goods, and will defend Armand Manufacturing, Inc. and made strictly in accordance with its provisions.

All merchandise not fully up to standard and not in compliance with the specifications hereof, or shipped contrary to instructions, or in excess of quantities herein provide, or substituted for merchandise herein described, or not shipped in containers conforming to purchaser’s specifications (or in absence of such specifications, in recognized standard containers), or allegedly violating any statue ordinance or administrative order, rule or regulation, may be rejected by purchaser and returned or held at seller’s expense and risk. Purchaser may charge to seller all expense of unpacking, examining, repackaging, storing, and reshipping any merchandise rejected as aforesaid.

Date modified: January 20, 2015